Queries discussed in the book

Some of the queries on revelations

1. What is the consensus of Biblical scholars regarding the revealed knowledge?

2. What are the possibilities of extra-terrestrial origin of revealed knowledge?

3. What are the physical evidences related to phenomenon of Quranic revelations?

4. How the evidences from the past should be verified?

5. How the Quranic revelations were recorded and preserved?

Queries related to life -

6. Is life extra-terrestrial or terrestrial in origin?

7. How did the first life molecule appear on the planet?

8. If life is terrestrial, where was it created on the primeval earth, on the surface or in deep oceans?

9. What happened after the creation of life?

10. Why did it remain in a unicellular stage for a long period?

11. How did the life progress?

12. Are there any other life forms present on the planet?

Questions on the topic of man -

13. What is the link of man with rest of the life on planet?

14. How was the first man and his mate created?

15. When were they created in the history of planet?

16. Why does there seem to be a difference of 84000 years, in the births of first mitochondrial eve and the first man whose Y-chromosomes the humanity carries?

17. Was the first pair, nurtured, initially in a protected environment?

18. If yes, then where was this protective environment?

19. Where on earth, did they appear?

20. Was the first pair gifted with the ability to communicate?

21. Did this gift also include a basic structure of language?

22. What is the link of Adam’s creation with the birth of Jesus?

23. Was another intelligence involved in the creation of life and man?

24. What are jinn and angels?

The discussions on above questions, link symbiotically the revealed information from Quran with the scientific knowledge. Scientific knowledge is used to comprehend the revealed knowledge better, and hints from revealed knowledge are utilized as guidance in the scientific researches. The research presents huge quantity of complex information, which requires proper investigation. Verification of such knowledge can bring in unforeseen changes on the planet, bringing peace and development on a scale, which would be difficult to asses at this moment.

The most interesting aspect of the book is that - an outline of a mechanism is also provided, which can be used to investigate the physical and metaphysical queries both, rationally and objectively.

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