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'In search of our origins’
Part I
The mystery of revelations
A rational possibility of the extra terrestrial origin of ‘revealed information’
What is the phenomenon of revelations?
Can modern knowledge help in the debate?
How to begin the investigation?
Extreme pain in the transmission of revelations
A low volume high frequency hum
Evidence of virtual mass during the phenomenon
How did the human frame support the pressure of extra weight?
Evidence of an operation
Evidence about a small protuberance on the back of Muhammad
Absence of electro magnetic noise or interference
A note about evaluation of the records
How revelations of Quran were recorded and preserved
Part II
‘Origin of life and man’
Revelations from Quran on the origin of life and man
The existance of patterns
Usage of peculiar words and enigmatic compositions
Popularity of the derived meanings
Foreign connotations
Quran’s solution
‘Respect’ for elders vs ‘uncritical acceptance’ of their ideas and beliefs
1. Man has a terrestrial origin
2. Link of plants with man’s birth
3. Branches of life
4. Creation was not an instantaneous act
5. Man’s creation was in stages or phases
6. Creation first and shape afterwards
7. Involvement of a long period in the creation of man
8. A thing without description
9. Man’s creation is different from the image of God
10. Man was created in the best possible way
The Scientific view
Problems in the scientific view
Sura At-Tin’s statement [95: 4]
11. Process of creation started from clay
Brief outline of Cairn-Smith’s clay crystal theory
Pointers from Quran continue -
12. Creation from clay - extracting one thing out of the other
13. Importance of ‘a small quantity of water’ in the creation process
14. The small quantity of water was a mixture
15. Something which clings – another peculiar term
16. Evidence of pre-biotic chemistry in creation process
17. The awful smell of half finished organic molecules in the liquid
18. A ‘site’ for the liquid used in the creation process
Bubbling clay pools on earth
19. Period involved in creation determined and known to God
20. Appearance of organic and pseudo organic molecules
21. Emergence of clear defined shape in the progress of life
22. Appearance of bones and muscles
23. Human body was crafted like pottery for control over his acoustic
24. Water as the most desirable element in the creation of life
25. Different roles of water in the progress of life
26. Creation of sex in the progress of life
27. Progeny before the birth of Adam
28. Eyes, Ears and Brain as gifts from the Creator
29. A Pointer
30. Life from non life - another pointer
‘A direct query on the origin of life and its answer in Quran’
Guidance about the perspective in researches
The usage of allegory
Does this verse contain an allegory or is it a simple instruction?
31. Significance of figure ‘four’ in the creation of life
32. Allegory of birds in the progress of life
33. Evidence of a bias in the process of life
34. Evidence of different energy levels
35. Evidence of teleology
Additional information from the verse
Part III
‘The Origin of Modern Humans’
Multiple perspectives & Quranic pointers
The established scientific view of the timeline of bipeds on earth
The problems
The two hypotheses
Origins of Modern Humans: Multiregional or Out of Africa? Donald Johanson
Understanding the issue
Anatomical evidence
Archaeological evidence
Genetic evidence
Additional considerations
Creationism – a different view point
Judeo Christian Creationism
Islamic scholars’ view
Arguments against the theory of evolution
The mystery of the birth of first living cell – how did it emerge?
The problem with random mutation
A glaring lack of intermediate forms in the fossil record
Sudden emergence of species
Genetic similarity
The case of Archaeopteryx
Vestigial organs
No gradual evolution
Evolutionary biologists reply to the criticism –
Information from Quran on the birth of First Man
‘Making a body of clay’ - the first creative act of God
‘Breathing into his nostrils the breath of life’ - second creative act of God
Ruh or Spirit, according to the Quran
1. No direct communication between God and man
2. Ruh is the Messenger of God’s revelations to all prophets in history
3. The Ruh is known through Different titles in Quran
4. Ruh is distinct from angels
5. Ruh is unique
6. Only Ruh has been chosen by God to know the unseen
7. Other functions of Ruh
8. Ruh and Gabriel in Old Testament
9. The other mystery - ‘whose belly was inflated’
10. The unique cases of Adam and Jesus
11. The story of the birth of Jesus
12. Quran rejects the Multi-regional hypothesis
13. All humans are created from a single pair
14. The first pair was created in stages
15. A dichotomy between revealed and the scientific information
16. Who is the real Eve?
17. Support from archaeology
18. Final fashioning in due proportions
19. A counter argument
Significant additional information about ‘First Man’ through a dialogue
20. Khalifatul fil ardh - Vicegerent or a Survivor on earth?
21. Angel’s apprehensions
22. The problem of shedding of blood
23. The problem of chaos
24. The ability to communicate creatively in the New Hominids
25. A Second Test
Mystery of Satan
26. Why did Satan refuse to bow before man
27. He was punished for his defiance
28. Satan asked for respite
29. Satan promises revenge
30. How Satan succeeded in misleading the First Man?
31. The words Satan used to tempt Adam
32. The fall of Adam
33. The difference between Adam and Satan
Mystery of Adam’s Jennat
34. Does Quran describe the same Jennat?
35. Jennat promised to believers after the Day of Judgment
36. Verses where the word Jennat has been used for earthly gardens
37. Is Adam’s Jennat the promised one, after the Day of Judgment?
38. Where was this Adam’s Jennat located?
39. Where on earth did Adam and Eve descend?
40. Problems that still remain to be answered on life and man
‘The mystery of Jinn
41. Jinn are beings that have been created before man
42. Jinn are hidden from us
43. Their creation process had a different foundation and route
44. A parallel between the creation of Jinn and Man
Energy based life forms – difficulties and researches
Life from Plasma
Similarity of these energy spheres with the living cells
Other pointers from Quran
45. Jinn are intelligent beings
46. Jinn are aware of revelations
47. Jinn, like men, have been created to serve God
48. Involvement of Jinn in the progress of life
49. Quran’s testimony in this regard
50. The command to prostrate
51. A curious coincidence
Conclusion and purpose behind the revelation of Adam’s story
Part IV
Suggestion of a verification mechanism for info in revelations
Sceptic and the revealed knowledge
Dembiski’s work on the identification of an ‘Intelligent Cause’ in evolution
Applying Dembiski’s method to revelations
Step one - (Actualization of a contingency)
The characteristics of Arabic language
Simultaneous existence of a standard language and a colloquial
A language caste in stone
The ‘Modern Standard Arabic’ is closest to its ancestor
Tri-consonantal roots and existence of patterns
Step two - Exclusion (ruling out of other live possibilities)
Step three (Specification)
Post hoc patterns
How the problem is related to revelations from Quran?
Asymmetry between specified and unspecified information
Step four – Complexity, the final factor
Why is it necessary to settle the question of the origin of revealed knowledge?
A Message for high-intellect believers in the Quran
Faith as per Quran
The albabi
1. Wisdom is the most important gift -
2. Message and the high-intellect believers -
3. Symbiosis required between revealed and rational knowledge
4. Each data has a purpose.
5. The emphasis on intellect - aql in Quran
6. Arguments on rational grounds
7. Those who do not reflect
8. An eternal problem of humanity
9. Knowledge lies in Quran, whose explanation we may not yet know
10. One should not fall on verses blindly and deafly
11. Quran as Mahjur – a highly potent warning

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